Imagine the ultimate New West party. Attended by the best of the west.

Arrive on horseback, stumble out through the back. Dive bar, dancefloor, band, buds, glitter ball, cowboy boots, corduroy, cowboy hats and a secret act!

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Pick up the iconic look

Six legendary items return from our archive. Like a rebellious rockstar reviving their legacy on stage.

The ultimate corduroy look

Pick up the iconic look with our muted tones of corduroy. Try tortoiseshell, green or navy sherpa jackets. An iconic look, with a vintage edge, from head to toe.

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Orville peck dancing

Back to black

Mix it up with our new black denim and ink corduroy collection. Co-ordinate washes in jeans, shirts and jackets for a strong, coherent look.

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Male and female models wearing Black ICONS outfit
Orville Peck singing

Orville Peck

You’re at a dive bar in Nashville. The dancefloor is full. A mysterious, masked outlaw jumps up on the bar with his guitar. It’s Orville Peck. And he’s your secret act. You stumble out afterwards and party into the night. Like a true Icon.

Icons for him Icons for her
Guy jumping in the hotel's swimming pool. Cannonball!

To better nights.
To better days.

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