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Red, black and white

Fix up. Look sharp. And hit the track in sportswear inspired by the 70s and 80s. Whatever your name, whatever your game, make sure your team colours are red and black – because that’s all the rage right now. It’s all about big, bold blocks of colour.

And you don’t necessarily have to be in athleticwear from head to toe – you can also pair it with black denim. We’re seeing the retro influence stretch as far as bold logo tops with graphic detailing – but ultimately you should be making a statement with eye-catching clothes.

At Wrangler we got nostalgic by putting together a sporty collection inspired by the styles of athletic greats. So join our squad as we represent retro – by pairing red and black colour-blocked tops and bold graphic prints with black denim. We’ve got it all.

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It won’t be long before we’re all reaching for a jacket on the way out the door – and you’ll be missing a trend if you don’t have a sherpa jacket hanging from the hook. They were around at the very start of the year and you can be sure you’ll see them again as the days turn colder. Their iconic fleece-linings will keep everyone feeling cosy.

There’s no doubt that sherpas will once again become one of our wardrobe’s winter staples – and your go-to jacket. Their vintage influence and warming feel provide a timeless look you’ll feel comfortable in on any occasion. The great thing about them is you can bundle up in layers and they’ll match nearly any outfit worn underneath.

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If you’re looking for a Sherpa of your own, then look no further. Wrangler have put together a collection of vintage-styled jackets in both denim and corduroy.

Every single one of them features a classic turn-down fleece collar, a button-up front, hand-warmer pockets and, of course, that warm fleecy lining throughout. The only trouble is deciding which one to go for.

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We’re seeing more and more retro styling and vintage favourites given a refresh for the modern day. And that’s exactly what’s happening with the return of corduroy. Get snapped in these babies with the right filter and you’ll look as hip as your folks did in the good old days. But hey, that’s no bad thing.

Corduroy is contemporary once again – and it looks and feels as amazing as it did in the 70s. It’s super comfy, super cool and super warm. And what’s great, is it looks at its best in autumnal colours, so it’s the perfect time to get involved. A pair of cords are perfect when you’re looking for that smarter look.

At Wrangler we’ve taken influence from the corduroy trend – and you’ll find we’ve crafted a few items in the shape of sherpas, jackets and trousers. Later in the year we’ll also be dropping some jumbo cords, for that cool retro-style fit. The collection will bring a vintage spirit to a new generation.

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Stock up on dark denim for a smart and casual look. Pick athleticwear with colour-blocks of red and black. Grab the ultimate top layer in the shape of a sherpa jacket. Snap up some super warm and comfy corduroy numbers. And go for that retro 80s vibe with snazzy and jazzy prints.

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