Body Bespoke
Perfect fit designed for every size

Being comfortable in your own skin is a radical act. Being comfortable in your jeans is where we come in. Wrangler’s unique Body Bespoke method means we individually-craft fits for every shape. Because Wrangler believes there is no such thing as the perfect size – only the perfect jeans.

You’re an individual, so your jeans should be too.

You can be fitted for a bra, so why not do the same for your jeans? Wrangler’s womenswear designer Lauren Bennett shows how the Body Bespoke method means finding the perfect fit, whatever your size.

Wrangler’s Body Bespoke method breaks the rules of conventional denim design to treat each size like a new style. The industry standard is to take a model size and just scale it up or down, but what best suits a size 28 is not the same for a size 32.

We know that every pair of jeans deserves equal attention, whatever the number on the label. By thinking about pocket dimensions and shape, and the cut of the yoke, each size is individually-crafted for the perfect fit for every body.

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