DENIM DIY by Wrangler

We invited you to make your Wranglers your own. And boy did you deliver. Our denim has been crafted for you to tailor your own bespoke items.Take a look at the best creations made from Wrangler denim. What will you create?

Cut off Wrangler denim shorts

Cut-off Denim

Summer’s here, time to catch some sun! Turn your jeans into shorts or your jacket into a vest. Always wanted to have cropped jeans? Now’s the time to try! Be sure to wash them after to get the nicest effect.

What you need:
scissors, cutter or exacto knife

Shorts for him Shorts for her


Looking for a nice way to personalize your denim? Use old buttons to embellish or create a pattern. Or sew a contrasting piece of fabric over a back pocket or even over the entire back panel of a jacket.

What you need:
leftover fabrics, buttons, sequins, needle, thread, sewing machine (optional)

Wrangler denim customised with dye


Go crazy with color. Splatter paint all over your jeans or use a paint roller to create a pattern.

What you need:
(textile) paint, paint brush, paint roller

You can also take a piece of old cardboard and cut out a stencil in any shape you like. Be careful to press the stencil close to the fabric and then fill it in with paint or spray paint. Go for one big graphic or a few smaller ones.

What you need:
cardboard, cutter or exacto knife, textile marker, paint or spray paint, paint brush

Jackets for him Jackets for her
Wrangler denim furniture


Have a bit more experience? Why not take it to the next level and try turning your old pairs of denim into a patchwork rug, curtains or even seat covers.

What you need:
sewing machine and supplies, glue (optional)

More fire Less Fear

Fray Away

Did you know you could get a distressed effect on your jeans, jacket or shirt with a cheese grater? Be careful though! Grate your jeans, not your hands. Don’t have one? You can also get frayed ends by using scissors or tweezers.

What you need:
cheese grater, scissors, tweezers

Jeans for him Jeans for her
Wrangler denim jeans with patched holes

Patch Perfect

Have an old pair of jeans that fit like a dream but are a bit worn out in some places? Now’s the time to get them repaired. You can add patches in all kinds of fabrics, sew a piece of fabric behind a hole to fix it or even try the art of Sashiko mending!

What you need:
leftover fabrics, needle, thread


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We love seeing how you personalize our jeans. Share your own creations and tag @wrangler_europe to get featured!