At Wrangler, we care about the planet and the people that call it home. So we're taking the steps to reduce our bootprint we leave on the Earth with ambitious sustainability goals and industry-leading practices to achieve them.

This is our responsibility. We're taking the reins and not letting go.

Doing more with less.
We’ve been doing that since 1947.

We’re mindful of what we put into our clothes. And even more mindful of what we don’t put into them. Our planet’s resources are limited so we’re constantly re-thinking how our products are made and what they’re made of, finding more ways to use less. Discover some of our key initiatives of this season.



In honor of Earth Day, our Westward Earth jean draws inspiration from our archives, breathing new life back into a custom illustration we first debuted back in the ‘70s. Sustainably minded down to the smallest detail, this renewed rendition is crafted from organic cotton and eco-friendly finishes that make a statement.

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Wrangler launches its first denim collection as part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Jeans Redesign project - a set of guidelines to revolutionise the way jeans are designed and made and move the industry towards a circular economy.


Indigood® is our platform that collects all technology that eliminates the use of at least 90% of water in the fabric construction, versus conventional processes. This water saving result can be achieved through the revolutionary foam-dyeing technology or with water saving technology that uses no fresh water in the process.



Earthwash™ is our answer to creating our authentic washes, but in a much lower-impact way than conventional methods. Garments with the Earthwash™ label are produced using less energy, less water, and clean chemistry. Good working conditions place a focus on workers’ health and wellbeing.


Being thoughtful about the PLANET.

Being responsible with our PRODUCT.

Being respectful towards PEOPLE.