Indigood Foam-dyeing

It takes a lot of water and energy to create denim’s recognisable indigo shades. That’s why we have developed Indigood™ to change the way we dye our fabric. It includes a new innovative foam-dyeing process that uses 100% less water and wastewater is virtually eliminated. Next to that, both energy use and waste are reduced by more than 60% when compared to conventional denim dyeing. This pioneering technology promises to revolutionise the whole denim industry.

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Recyling materials, reducing our impact

Producing new cotton requires a vast amount of water, land and energy. We are committed to recycling our surplus cotton and reducing waste. Offcuts are shredded and spun into usable yarn. This fabric is made using at least 28% recycled cotton. Every detail has been made better. The labels are made from recycled plastics, the rivets and metal hardware are created using safe chemistry and our tags use 100% recycled paper.

Eco-tech finishing

These Wrevolutionary faded denims have been created using sustainable and cutting-edge technologies including the use of lasers, ozone and nanobubbles, all of which reduce the use of resources. Iconic denim, made better.

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