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Working for Wrangler means being part of a heritage brand that has delivered authentic denim since 1947.

The story of Wrangler is the story of denim, and how jeans made the leap from work wear to everyday wear. A story of dedication, authenticity, practicality, belief, innovation, and good hard work.

Joining Wrangler means being able to hold this story in your hands and contribute to building the future of our brand. We stay true to our DNA and build on our expertise and today we are the leading everyday performance denim brand.

What you can expect from us

You can expect to work in an environment that is positive and full of people who are devoted to and passionate about their work.
We are committed to our purpose and to each other, believing we can achieve anything if we work hard and collaborate. We value the importance of new ideas and creativity; they are what helps us to thrive in our hyper competitive market today.
You will work for a consumer-orientated brand that invests resources in innovation and learning & development.

What we expect from you

We welcome talents that show leadership, commitment to our brand's mission, and embrace our values and ambitions.

Ultimately, you will have the opportunity to join Kontoor Brands.
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