Denim that performs

When it comes to jeans, Wrangler has left no stone unturned. We have developed several ground-breaking technologies that go completely unnoticed to the untrained eye. All so you can feel stylish and comfy.


Thermolite® technology is an innovative way to add warmth without weight. It is used in Wrangler jeans to marry style with function – keeping your legs warm when it’s freezing outside – without any extra bulk. The blend of fibres cleverly trap a layer of warm air in between the fabric and skin.

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Indigood Foam-dyeing

It takes a lot of water and energy to create denim’s recognisable indigo shades. That’s why we have developed Indigood™ to change the way we dye our fabric. It includes a new innovative foam-dyeing process that uses 100% less water and wastewater is virtually eliminated. Next to that, both energy use and waste are reduced by more than 60% when compared to conventional denim dyeing. This pioneering technology promises to revolutionise the whole denim industry.

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Cool Vantage

We developed Cool Vantage – a special permanent fibre that is woven in. It wicks away sweat from the skin, disperses it across the fabric’s surface and dries quickly. Keeping you cool and comfy for longer.

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Don’t let a little rain stop you in your tracks. With Wrangler’s water-resistant fabrics you won’t think twice about heading outside. Without adding weight or roughness, our Water Resistant jeans prevent splashes of water from penetrating the fabric. Their breathable and invisible coating protects, while leaving you to carry on with your day.

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Soft Luxe

Wrangler’s super-smooth Soft Luxe denim is crafted with a blend of premium fabrics to make them silky to touch. Available in a range of styles, the collection gives you a true feeling of luxury.

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Body Bespoke

Perfect fit tailored for every size.

This collection promises to give women of any size a pair of jeans they feel comfortable in. By finding the optimum positions and proportions of back pockets and seams, we have created the perfect tailored fit for every size. They are also available in Plus Sizes too. Featuring a high waist and a contoured leg – they hug the body with high-quality Smart Stretch fabric.

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